Monday, January 30, 2017

6 Ways to Survive Airline Delays


Nothing is more frustrating than delayed or cancelled flights that interfere with travel plans. During a recent vacation, Delta Airlines announced that our flight was delayed because their "system" went down. After a 20 hour delay and a missed connection our nerves were shot. We were tired, "hangry" and disappointed. 

Follow these six suggestions for surviving travel delays.

1. Always purchase travel insurance and carry the contractual agreement with you. Travel insurance has saved the day on more than one occasion. Retain all of your receipts needed for submitting the claim. 

2.  Drinking alcohol might not be for everyone but in the midst of stressful travel an adult beverage or two can calm your nerves and give you time to wind down. If your flight is delayed long enough, why not have a meal? Walking away from the departure gate and settling in to a café or diner might take your mind off of the bad situation. 

3. Keep your airline contact information handy so you can quickly make a call if you need to contact your airline. Even if you're standing in line to get reticketed it's often worthwhile to make a call to the corporate headquarters. Sometimes HQ is the only one who can issue vouchers and offer upgrades for delayed or cancelled flights. 

4. Talk to people around you who might be in the same situation. Comradery with fellow travelers creates a sense of control against the airline who is trying to ruin your vacation. I've met some terrific people in these situations and we've remained friends. 

5. You just found a little extra time for shopping. Airports might not be the best for price shopping but window shopping is always free.

6.  Stay positive!

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Anonymous said...

Aways enjoy your info. Glad you are making a positive out of this negative experience. I often refer to your previous ideas. Great keep them coming and enjoy your trip.

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