Wednesday, June 22, 2016

5 Tips for a Top Notch Closet

My closets from the past have been plagued with problems. Clothes that were out of style, ill-fitting, tattered and torn were still taking up space in my closet. My closet lacked organization, order and cleanliness. Follow these 5 simple tips and you can transform your closet just like I did. 

Tip #1 - SORT
Only keep items that make you feel great when you are wearing them. If the piece doesn't fit and flatter your body right now toss it! One sorting system that worked for me was to hang items of similar category together. Another system for sorting is by color. By putting your color hues together you can quickly pull together your color-coordinated ensemble.

Select clothes that define your personal style and aesthetic then build your base wardrobe around it. I chose a classic style since my wardrobe serves two purposes; career and casual. Yes, I have a few funky boho items but for the most part I stick to classic pieces that can easily be paired or layered.

Tip #3 - MEND
Too often we allow the missing button, torn hem, stained items take up residence in our closet. We have all good intentions to mend these items but over time they begin to pile up and become lost on our closets. Take a few minutes to remove these pieces from your wardrobe. If they are no longer mixed in among the rest of the clothes they stand a better chance of repair.Keep a steamer handy and the drudgery of ironing is reduced. I found that the Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer works great and is a time saver.

It's time to create a tally list of types of clothing you have. Count how many blouses you have, skirts, jeans, dresses, etc. By the end of this task you'll find out whether or not you have 10 pairs jeans and 2 2 tank tops. Your ratio is way off. When you're finished you'll have a complete list of what you own. Weed out any items that you just don't need. 

Tip #5 - SHOP
Now that you have a complete list of what you have in your closet, you can now figure out what you are lacking. Many fashion stylists have a list of wardrobe essentials. Compare this essential item list to your inventory and SHOP!

What are your top 5 closet organization tips? Share in the comments below.


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