Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Deadly Lure of Sugary Treats ~ How to Avoid Temptation

Summer barbeques create a slippery slope for those of us trying to avoid sugar temptation. Picnic tables are filled with pies, cookies, cakes, brownies and tarts. Without any labels on these confections, deciding which to eat can be a guessing game. Here are a few tips to tackle temptation when it comes to navigating the sugary spread on the picnic table. 

  • Fill up on high protein first. If you are feeling full you might not have room to add on a sugary dessert.
  • Drink lots of water. Again the strategy here is to be too full to even want to eat a sugary treat.
  • If your sweet tooth is in overdrive look for fresh fruit. Watermelon and berries will help to satiate your craving for sugar. 
  • If all else fails find a friend and beg them for a bite of their treat. A single bite is usually enough to avoid feeling deprived. 


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