Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Just What the Doctor Ordered ~ 8 Essentials to Get You Through Cold & Flu Season

The holidays are right around the corner and you're feeling under the weather. It's easy to get desperate and try a variety of over-the-counter medications but these 8 essentials are guaranteed to provide comfort until you're back on your feet.

1.  Hot Tea - A hot cup of tea is just what the doctor ordered because you’re getting extra fluids, which your body needs desperately when fighting off an illness, and breathing in the steam vapors can also help loosen up any congestion you may be experiencing. 

Here's what you will need…

-Tea of your choice
-A spoonful of freshly grated ginger
-A pinch of cinnamon 
-A pinch turmeric
-A dash of cayenne pepper (optional)
-A spoonful of raw honey 
-A lemon wheel
-Freshly boiled water

2.  Nasal Decongestant Spray - XLEAR Natural Saline Nasal Spray is my go to spray to alleviate congestion and relieve sinus pressure. Nasal sprays can help ease congestion but don't overdo it. 

3.  Cough Drops - My go to brand is the Halls Honey Lemon drops. They still have the menthol kick I need to cool my nasal passages and the cough suppressant soothes my sore throat. 

4.  Lip Balm - A stuffy head always equals chapped lips because I'm trying to breathe through my mouth.  Blistex Medicated Lip Conditioner soothes and heals chapped dry lips.

5. Tissues - Spare no expense on tissues! Nothing is worse than a rosy red nose. Kleenex is a must.

6.  Snuggly Pajama - Kensie Thermal Pajamas are so comfortable and cute. 

7.  Vaporizer or Humidifier - A vaporizer or humidifier can make the difference between coughing all night and a good night's sleep. They both disperse moisture into the air which can comfort congestion. I prefer the cool mist ultrasonic humidifier

8.  Chicken Soup - As soon as the first sneeze is heard in our house my husband has a pot of homemade chicken soup on the stove. Chicken soup is naturally full of electrolytes that help you retain more fluids than water alone does. 

What are your cold & flu essentials? Comment below. 


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