Monday, August 8, 2016

2 Coffee Drinkers + 4 Coffee Makers = Amazing Coffee Everyday Every Way

My coffee obsession began in college and has only become stronger over time. My husband and I enjoy drinking coffee but we also enjoy the process of making it. Our kitchen counter is filled with coffee makers, K cups and pods, specialty creamers,  frothers, and coffee mugs in every shape and size. 

My old reliable Keurig sits beside my new Dolce Gusto. I create some fabulous layered effects from my Dolce Gusto. The Skinny Cappucino is delicious and only 50 calories. 

Our French Press gets used on Sunday mornings when we have a little extra time for brewing. Coffee from La Colombe in Philly is a sure bet for a delicious French pressed coffee. 

After a meal we usually have Turkish Coffee. The recipe is simple: water equal to the size and number of mugs, 3 rounded teaspoons of espresso ground coffee (we love Adonis Café in Montreal) and 3 teaspoons of raw sugar. Stir to combine and then cook on medium high heat until crema forms. 

We also have an old school Krups Espresso and drip combo that still makes a mean Cup'O Joe.  

Not along my coffee is consumed at home. I still frequent local coffee shops. It's sometimes hard to beat a Grande Coconut Flat White. 

No matter where in the  world we travel, we always take time to enjoy a coffee. I know I'll visit this little coffee bar in Rome again. Where in the world have you found the best coffee?


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